"O-Oh uh hello there.." the younger pursed his lips his gaze trailed down to the ground before he looked back up again. "I'm Ryuu.. it's a pleasure to meet you all.."
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From childhood’s hour

                                              I have not been As others were;

                I have not seen As others saw;

                           I could not bring My passions from a common spring.

         what about you ragtagbandofheroes, reverseyeoja, how was your childhood hours?


               [x] since he was usually the only one in the library he didn’t brother to even look up from his math book. Writing along he pursed his lips as he concentrated on his math. Soon his attention was taken by the noise of someone pulling out a chair. Looking up he saw that someone was sitting right across from him, he started to get nervous now since he didn’t quite talk to a lot of people. he then gave a slight wave with his pencil greeting them to be nice but then returned to work on his math hoping that they wouldn’t talk to him because he didn’t know if he could handle that.